Kevin J. Sibley, Ph.D., P.Eng., P.Ag., C.Ht.

Science informed, life infused®

Live Your Dreams Not Yet Lived!®

Science informed, life infused®

Live Your Dreams Not Yet Lived!®

Education and Significant Career Accomplishments


DISCLAIMER:  See the little red rectangular sign hanging amongst the certificates on my office wall in the photo above. It says: 

"It's Important to Look Like You Know What You're Doing Even When It's Obvious You Don't." - Author Unknown

I have that sign there to create some levity and reduce any anxiety people might have when they enter my office and see that wall—some even feel intimidated. When I sense any anxiety or intimidation, I point to the sign, recite the words using a funny voice, and we have a good laugh that puts us both at ease. I AM a humble, kind, gentle, caring, respectful, spiritual, graceful, and non-judgmental person. To me, on the level of humanness we are equals, just different in some ways—that is what is most important to me. I just happen to have worked very hard for many years to become highly educated. That makes me fortunate—not better than anyone! Our society, however, likes to see credentials and hear about significant accomplishments in order to determine if someone is credible or not. So, mine are humbly presented here for that reason only: 

B.Sc. (Agricultural Engineering), 1982, Macdonald Campus of McGill University

M.Sc. (Agricultural Engineering), 1984, Macdonald Campus of McGill University

Ph.D. (Production Ecology and Resource Conservation), 2008, Wageningen University 

P.Eng. - Professional Engineer,  1986

P.Ag. - Professional Agrologist, 1986  

C.Ht. - Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, 2002

Certified Functional Cannabis Coach, 2018

Regional Auto Race, Time Attack and Lapping Licence, 2013

Pleasure Craft (Boat) Operator Licence, 2012

Certified Spirit Guide Coach, 2012 

Certified Reiki Master, 2005

Certified Trainer and Global Consultant of Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), 2004

Agricultural Equipment Technician - Honorary Canadian Interprovincial  Red Seal, 1992

Realtor License, 1987

Master Commercial Pesticide Applicator License, 1983


Dr. Sibley holds multiple academic degrees in Engineering and Agricultural Sciences. His Ph.D. degree from Wageningen University—the #1 ranked Agricultural University in the world—places him in the top 10% of agricultural scientists in the world. Moreover, he holds a rare combination of dual designations as both a Professional Engineer and Professional Agrologist. 

Dr. Sibley has over 35 years’ experience in a variety of business, government and academic organizations. He started his career while studying for his undergraduate degree in Agricultural Engineering working in the Summers as a Research Assistant. After completing his M.Sc. degree, he then worked as Farm Manager for the largest commercial wild blueberry company in North America. Since then, he has been a Project Engineer (PE), Industrial Technology Advisor (ITA), and Technical and Market Feasibility Study Analyst  for an industrial technology oriented Provincial Crown Corporation (PCC) and the National Research Council of Canada (NRC). He has been President and CEO of five companies in the agricultural engineering and business consulting, food service, agricultural equipment manufacturing, and agri-biotechnology industries. He has been a University Professor of Engineering—including youngest Department Head at age 38—as well as a Professor of Turfgrass Science and Management. And he has been COO of the bioresource technology development and commercialization arm of Dalhousie University's Faculty of Agriculture. 

Dr. Sibley has received 37 awards for academic excellence, athletics, volunteer service to professional associations, the agricultural industry in Atlantic Canada, and local community organizations. In 2005, he was bestowed a Faculty Teaching Excellence Award. 

Dr. Sibley is known for his honesty, integrity and respect. He is an authentic leader who is ethical, diplomatic, perceptive and sensitive to others needs, yet firm when a situation requires corrective measures or discipline. His expertise in developing and maintaining relationships, building trust, and effective communicating has led him to be described as a respected, trusted, and engaged leader who knows how to “push a rope”.

Dr. Sibley in an internationally recognized research scholar and scientific journal paper peer reviewer in the disciplines of Agricultural Engineering, Soil Science, Agronomy, Precision Agriculture, and Agricultural Biotechnology. 

Dr. Sibley has completed 92 Research, Development and Commercialization projects. He has published 21 refereed papers in international scientific journals, 17 regional agricultural industry extension reports and given 15 invited keynote speaker presentations regionally and internationally. 

Dr. Sibley has been appointed to 12 Regional, National, and International Research, Business Development, and Commercialization Funding Agencies as a funding decision committee member and funding proposal evaluator. 

Dr. Sibley has contributed to the development and commercialization of agricultural mechanization technologies and plant biotechnology technologies widely used in industry and resulting in seven international patents. 

Dr. Sibley has done business leadership coaching work with about 130 small-to-medium sized business owners and CEOs in Nova Scotia. He has done personal and professional development work with 100s of people—as individuals, in small groups (max. 10 people), and in workshops (30-50 people). He has coached dozens of people to better health and wellness. 

Dr. Sibley has designed and successfully delivered workshops on The Art of Leadership Coaching, Inside-out Time Management, Self-empowerment, Leadership Wizardry, and Presenting Magically. And he has given keynote speeches on Trusted and Engaged Leadership, Success Strategies using NLP, Graduate Studies: Passion or Purgatory?, and Metaphors for Life. 

Dr. Sibley has authored 11 articles on business and personal development for the local Chamber of Commerce newsletter where he lives. He has published two peer-reviewed papers on the use of NLP for increasing  student learning. And in 2012 he was recognized as an expert in the field of Neuro-linguistic Programming and Personal Development in Canada, having been interviewed as such for the Success Strategies Series hosted by Life Potential Developments.

Dr. Sibley is a prolific and comprehensive learner. He has successfully completed 39 continuing education and certification programs in the fields of Engineering, Leadership, Employee Relations, Business, Financial Accounting, Professional and Personal Development, Neuro-linguistic Programming, Ericksonian Clinical Hypnotherapy, Reiki, and Human Health and Wellness.  He has also engaged in self-study of the seminal books and scientific literature published in the fields of Trusted Leadership, Employee Engagement, Spirituality in the Workplace, NLP, Hypnotherapy, Psycholinguistics, Psychobiology, Epigenetics, Neurobiology of Human Body Functional Systems, and  Psychophysiological Coherence to name a few. With respect to medical cannabis he has studied 800+ scientific papers on the Human Endocannabinoid System, Psychopharmacology, Pharmacokinetics, Psychoneuroendocrinology, Psychosocial and Cultural Genomics, and Psychotomimetics.

Dr. Sibley has personally experienced energetic connections—in the quantum, physical, and spiritual levels—between his body, his brains (science has determined we have three brain structures, his minds (science has determined we have three minds), and 5th Dimension of Consciousness. These experiences have led him to begin study of the scientific literature related to Quantum Energy, Quantum Spirituality, and Panspiritism. Most recently he has been directly connected to the Higher Conscious Source Light. 

Dr. Sibley has had remarkable success as well as catastrophic failure. With all that life experience—to use a cliché—he has basically "been there, done that"! 



Yep, that's me lying in that hospital bed in ICU at my local hospital. On September 23, 2014 I had a heart attack. Yeah, you are seeing correctly. My feet are sticking out through the foot board. I'm 6'-1" tall (1.8 m).


September 2009. I was diagnosed with Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH). No real biggie. Many men around 50-yrs old get BPH. Except, mine was complicated by Neurogenic Bladder!  Imagine being fine one minute. Then the next minute running like hell to the nearest bathroom, lest I pee my pants. 


April 2011. I was suicidal and hospitalized three weeks where I received much needed psychiatric care. I was diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder (MDD)-Suicidal Ideation and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). I had been managing through nearly 6-yrs of Chronic Workplace Harassment. Then I crashed! Turns out the root cause of my crash was the childhood sexual abuse I endured when I was 9-yrs old. That abuse resulted in severe emotional trauma my unconscious mind had locked away in a 'jail cell'—buried deep, deep, deep  within my body. I didn't discover that until April 2018 while undergoing sexual abuse trauma therapy. 


December  2013.  Near the end of December, I began to get weak and develop full-body muscle pain. Over the following 2-1/2 months I lost muscle mass, lost weight, lost mobility, and my muscle pain rose to 6-7 out of 10. By March 2014, I was rendered basically bedridden.  I could hardly walk or do much of anything physical because my muscles just would not function properly. I had to be propped up in bed with pillows to feel any comfort. Just prior to this all happening, I was physically healthy as a horse...neigh! My best friend and I had built a two-story garage ourselves from the ground up. What gives? I was so ill by the time I was able to see my family doctor on March 13, she called a neurology specialist on the spot. I got an appointment to see the neurologist in 12 days—a busy specialist with a normal wait-time of 6-9 months.  Over the next 12 months, three neurologists administered many tests and examinations. 

March 30, 2015 the third neurologist said they were unable to come up with diagnosis. The best they could determine was I had a "suspected" Inflammatory Autoimmune Muscle Disorder. The good news was they knew what I didn't have. The bad news was they didn't know what I did have. His parting words were: "...go home and try to find a quality life you can live with. Do as much exercise as you can and hopefully whatever illness you do have might correct itself." And he wouldn't give me any medications for easing my muscle pain because he could not confirm a diagnosis.  


Hmn...let me review my situation. Up to this point I have two severe mental illnesses and four body illnesses. I am essentially bedridden and in constant full-body muscle pain. My Family Doctor, Urologist, Heart Specialist, Psychologist, and Psychiatrist have all have told me that I would be on a bevy of pills the rest of my life. I would never again be able to work.  And the best I could ever hope for was a manageable daily quality of life. Now, three Neurologists are also telling me to go home and try to find a quality life I can live with. Oh, goodie for me! At age 50 my career was over...done...kaput! And by age 54, the best I could ever hope for was a manageable daily quality of life? Great...what was I supposed to do now?


April 2015. I did not give up on myself. I began physiotherapy treatments. After 11 months I gained back some mobility and strength. My chronic pain dropped to 4-5 out of 10. However, my physiotherapist referred me back to my family doctor. In her report, she noted "Given Kevin's lack of progress despite ongoing participation in exercise, I am concerned that there may be a more sinister cause of these symptoms." I continued for another three months and then stopped. 



December 2016. By late December, the gains I had made in my mental health had nearly evaporated. I was in a very deep depression and having thoughts of suicide again. As a last-ditch effort, my psychiatrist suggested I give medical cannabis a try. I had heard from a couple of friends that Cannabidiol Oil (CBD Oil) worked great for chronic pain , but I knew nothing about it. My psychiatrist explained what he knew based on a few of his other patients who were taking it. That sparked a ray of hope in me so I decided to give it a try.  I started taking CBD Oil on January 10, 2017.  My pain level dropped to a manageable 1-2 out of 10 within a week. In just over a month, I became quite mobile again. And my mood improved too. On Feb. 17th, I had a follow up examination with first neurologist I had seen. He was literally shocked at my present condition compared to when he first  examined me in 2014. I continued to exercise daily, each week increasing my effort level. After about four months I got most of my strength back. 


October 2017.  With modern medicine unable to provide me with any answers to the cause or treatment of my muscle disorder, I began receiving energy healing from an Audio-medium and Lightworker team. During subsequent sessions with them I personally experienced connections—in the quantum, physical, and spiritual levels—between my body, brains, minds, and the 5th Dimension of Consciousness. 


September 2018.  I began study of the scientific literature related to Quantum Energy, Quantum Spirituality, and Panspiritism. In December, it was revealed to me that I AM an Empath with extremely unique abilities. I began to remember that as a very young child I could do many things that others could not.  Why then have I been subjected to so many abuses and roadblocks all my life that have kept me from living MY TRUTH, I asked of the Archangels, Ascended Masters, and Divine Being of the Universes?  The answers I received were astonishing to me. Most of all was that my childhood energy  was stolen from me by my sexual abuser. And because of that, my unique empathic abilities became for the most part unavailable to me as I lived "small" and "dumbed down"—all the while  in great fear—as a way of SELF-preservation. 


April 2019.  As my spiritual reawakening continues at a rapid pace, it was revealed to me that I  AM an Ancient Shaman Warrior. An exceptional Being among Beings with the abilities to be an influencer not a controller, to be empathetic not vengeful, to be directive not owning, to be perpetual not ending. To courageously reach deep within self, then reach out to others in ways that are received as very strong—yet caring , gentle, and comfortable for them. To enhance humanity's heart-space love, collective intelligence, high vibration energy flow, and see the truths of others. And most recently, I have become directly connected to the Higher Conscious Source Light. 




"With my big warm all-loving heart, kind soul, and listening eyes guiding me, I courageously educate and guide others—informed by Spirituality and Science infused with Life Experience—who want to be helped …

Find their courage and consciousness to be educated, healthy and well, enabling them to live their dreams not yet lived…

Energetically leaping from life’s mountain peaks with faith in the all-knowing of the Higher Conscious Source Light …

Quietly creating peaceful, vibrant, healthy, harmonious, and all-loving communities around the world in which there is a place for everyone to feel they belong. 

In so doing, I get to live my dreams not yet lived."

(CC BY-ND 4.0) 2019 Kevin J. Sibley (This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License)

Stay tuned for how I'm going to do that!  

I'm working on that now as my health allows. I am receiving lots of technical help from my son—who is a Senior Developer for a major IT & PR company—and writing help from my close friends.

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